Sacramento to Host Mystery Heist Game Event with a $5,000 Prize

CheddarHunt Sacramento Gives Players Chance to Win Cash Prize for Detective Skills

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Feb. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The CheddarHunt mystery scavenger hunt is giving Sacramento area amateur detectives the chance to win a $5,000 prize by solving a case on Saturday, Feb 25th.

CheddarHunt mystery scavenger hunts are mystery-based game events where players navigate a section of their city collecting clues, sorting puzzles, and ultimately solving a fictional crime in order to win a large reward by solving the case firs.

Whodunit and heist mysteries have become especially popular as of late, as seen in the success of recent television shows and movies, such as Netflix’s show Kaleidoscope, and movie Knives Out: A Glass Onion Mystery. In addition, true crime podcasts have captured the public’s interest in crime stories in a new way. “We created CheddarHunt for players to have fun interacting with these types of stories, rather than just watching them,” said Tim Connaughton, one of the creators of CheddarHunt. “We’ve taken something like the classic board game Clue, combined it with the puzzles we love from escape rooms, mixed in a good walk, and then added a huge cash reward.”

“And, yes, with a name like CheddarHunt, the stories of our games can be a little outlandish, and are always fun,” said Connaughton. “An upside of being a little silly with the story is that it’s great for everyone to play, and keeps it light when things get competitive.” The event’s website ( features players posing with outsized wedges of cheese. “We’re a little offbeat, but very serious about making the game enjoyable for our players. They’re encouraged to join in on the playfulness with team costumes and names.”

The Sacramento CheddarHunt event will take place on Saturday, Feb 25th, and will begin at 9:30 a.m. The game typically takes between two to three hours to complete.

Tickets can be purchased on the event’s website:

The entry fee is $50 per team, and no more than six people are recommended per team. Solo participants are also welcome. While the game content is appropriate for all ages, players younger than 13 may not find it entertaining.

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CheddarHunt is a mystery game company that creates one day events in cities across the country.

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