Sailing Athlete Aidan Mobley Announces His Participation in the Pacific Cup and Needs a Sponsor

RICHMOND, Calif., June 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — California sailor Aidan Mobley and his four crew members will be entering the 2,500-mile Pacific Cup ocean race from Los Angeles to Hawaii on July 4 and are looking for a sponsor.

The event is covered by the media. Brands and organizations interested in sponsoring Mobley will have their logos seen on his boat’s sail at high traffic areas such as under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Bay.

His crew has been training for a year and Mobley thinks they have a good chance at winning the Pacific Cup that occurs every other year. At 23, this is his second attempt. The race takes about nine days, and the crew will sail in a J125 boat, which was featured in the movie Top Gun 2.

"It’s an incredibly fast, nimble, and high-performance sailboat that requires a high level of skill to sail fast. We will be running four-hour watches so it’s a mental endurance race as much as a physical endurance race," said Mobley.

No autopilot is allowed during the Pacific Cup so the crew must only use the prevailing winds to power the craft. They always must be on their toes to predict where the next low pressure will be to have wind. Even making one small miscalculation can be fatal.

"So as tired as you are, you must always be on top of predicting the weather," said Mobley.

Also, during the race since there are only five people on the boat, each person needs to be proficient in every job that needs to be done. Teamwork and universal skills are paramount especially when things go haywire in the middle of the Pacific Ocean at 3 a.m.

Mobley loves the sport and sails for many reasons. For him, sailing is getting away from it all and having a social media break.

"It appeals to my competitive nature, and I learn so much after each event. Win or lose, I also love the feeling of accomplishment after a grueling event when you can say that you’re mentally and physically better than before the race," Mobley said.

Mobley has been sailing his entire life in world championships and regattas starting at the age of three when he was thrown in the water.

At 16, he bought an I-14 sailboat and became the youngest member of the entire fleet to race and win the U21 Avenger Trophy by placing ninth at the National Championships. Mobley then became a bowman for Team Mexican Divorce, where he competed and won. 

Now, he has an extensive sailing resume and was part of the Cal Maritime Sailing Team, Olympic Development Program, Team GI, Team Fast Exit, Team MEX D, and the Team Skiff Sailing Foundation.

Mobley also competed during the Long Beach Race and became an overall champion for the Yachting Cup. Mobley also learned to kitesurf and foil while working on his offshore sailing skills by competing in Transpac and placing fourth with Team Fast Exit.

He gained more experience on the skiff and foiling platforms by training in the 49er and Foil Kite and competing in the ODP program. Mobley is currently cross-training in the 49er, I-14, Foilkite, Aussie 18, and Nacra 17 and racing offshore.

"My personal goal for the Pacific Cup and other offshore racing events is to train and build my sailing skills for my grand ambition and life goal of someday competing and winning an ocean race around the world," said Mobley.

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