‘Spend Three Nights on the Vegas Strip for Just $99’ – VacationOffer.com Announces Unique New Hotel Deal as COVID-19 Quarantines Begin to Lift

LAS VEGAS, April 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — VacationOffer.com recently highlighted a special travel opportunity to affordably visit the famous Vegas Strip for a full four-day, three-night stay. Clients pick their hotel from an available list, pick the specific room, and then travel to the city after securing a flight. As a bonus, each client is given a $50 Visa Gift Card to use during their trip. VacationOffer.com is a trusted online travel agency offering vacation packages, hotels, and event tickets located in the most popular travel destinations.

To access the deal, clients are asked to simply go online and:

  1. Enter dates for the trip and pick a hotel or resort.
  2. Choose a room and confirm the reservation.
  3. Travel to Las Vegas, checking in at the front desk of the chosen hotel.
  4. Attend a 90-minute presentation and receive a $50 Visa Gift Card.
  5. Enjoy four full days and three evenings on the world-renowned Vegas Strip.

Resort fees are typically charged by the day in most Las Vegas resorts to cover the cost of certain amenities like wireless internet, pool and fitness center access, bottled water, and other perks. Clients are responsible for paying for their airfare, parking, and any additional resort fees. Vacationers can also add on additional nights to their package for a small fee, with no fee charged for checking out early. VacationOffer.com does not charge for additional travelers, so clients can also upgrade to larger suites or villas if they choose to bring multiple people.

Attend a Short Meeting on the Vegas Strip
The package deal requires that clients attend a 90-minute travel club presentation, but does not require attendees to buy, sign, or join any sort of club or group. Attendees must also prove they are 25 years of age or older to check into the Vegas hotels, and must meet annual income requirements. Full details of the travel package are available online, along with multiple five-star reviews from past travelers. VacationOffer.com also provides other packages and upgrades to the Las Vegas area, including Party Packages, Romantic Getaways, and Ultimate Tourist specials that features multiple exciting destinations.

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