The Adventure Buddies Plan Holiday Events and Travel in the Midst of a Pandemic

MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif., Sept. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As summer comes to an end and we are headed into fall, followed by the holidays, Mat Dagilis and Trevi Sawalich, along with Trevi’s young son and daughter, Jake and Gianna, are looking forward to some exciting things this holiday season.  Summer was full of adventure for The Adventure Buddies, as they took the opportunity to turn their typical globe-trotting, into a Summer StayCAtion series, where the family didn’t allow the pandemic to stop their adventures, but instead allowed them to explore their home state of California.  This summer, the modern family of four found things to do that were COVID-19 friendly while still being able to travel.  Their list included hikes, kayaking, fishing, home crafts and projects, and online e-courses.  This allowed them to still get out and see things that they haven’t done before, while helping local businesses in a time of hardship.  

After a successful summer, the family has decided to take what they have learned and move into a new series, called Holiday PLANdemic!  This series will have the same focus of local and at home COVID-19 friendly activities, but will also talk about travel during the holidays.  As most are wondering what the holidays will bring, The Adventure Buddies are here to give you tips and ideas on how to safely travel, how to have at-home adventures, create new and exciting holiday traditions, and keep you informed on exciting things to do in and around California for the upcoming holidays season!

“Yes, COVID-19 has had its challenges, but it has also gifted us with the ability to spark our creativity, in having to think outside of the box in how we can still have adventures during this new ‘norm’. Keeping in theme with our fun Summer StayCAtion series, we will be pursuing adventures around every corner this upcoming holiday season while being safe!” Mat Dagilis

The Adventure Buddies are also a family that gives back to the community and this holiday season you will see lots of opportunities to do the same.  The family will find and share ways for how you can get involved in this unique “Season of Giving”.

So be sure to follow along, as you’ll find fun in their new holiday adventures, as they help you come with your very own Holiday PLANdemic!

Mathew Dagilis
The Adventure Buddies
CEO & Founder

SOURCE The Adventure Buddies

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