The Dyrt Announces the 2022 Best Places To Camp: Top 10 in the Mountain West

PORTLAND, Ore. , June 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Dyrt, the No. 1 app for camping with the most active online camping community, has announced the 2022 Best Places To Camp: Top 10 in the Mountain West based on reviews and ratings from its vast community of campers. The winners represent some of the most unique, rustic, luxurious and sought-after camping destinations in the Mountain West.

"For almost a decade we’ve been making it easier and easier for campers to find the information they need to make the most of their outdoor experiences," says Kevin Long, The Dyrt CEO. "Our community has contributed and shared over 4 million reviews, photos and tips for fellow campers to use when planning their trips. Using this data, we created the 2022 Best Places to Camp: Top 10 in the Mountain West list."

  1. Many Glacier Campground — Montana
  2. White Star Campground — Colorado
  3. Shadow MountainWyoming
  4. Zion River Resort — Utah
  5. Bogan Flats Campground — Colorado
  6. Bowman Lake Campground — Montana
  7. Jenny Lake Campground — Wyoming
  8. Tom Best Spring Road FR117 — Utah
  9. Devils Garden Campground — Utah
  10. Moraine Park Campground — Colorado

These 10 highly rated camping spots in the rugged Mountain West feature sunrises over vanishing glaciers, miles and miles of dispersed camping, national champion-caliber national parks, and landscapes that you have to see, in person, to believe. The camera that can properly capture these sights has yet to be invented.

"The camping community has grown so much over the years and is becoming more representative of our country as a whole," says Sarah Smith, founder of The Dyrt. "Campers come in all shapes and sizes with different wants and needs and the 2022 Best Places to Camp reflect that. There are luxurious camping resorts, family-friendly spots, some sites that are near cities and others out in the middle of nowhere. There’s something special about each place."

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The Dyrt’s mission is to expand the camping community and help more people enjoy the outdoors. With over 30 million annual camper visits and 4 million user-generated reviews, photos, and tips for US campgrounds, The Dyrt is the No. 1 app for camping and the largest source of camping information. The Dyrt PRO enables campers to find free camping areas on public lands, search for campgrounds with cell service coverage, use the app offline, get discounts on camping and more.

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