The Journey of a Million Miles Begins With One Father and Son Team – ‘Off the Road Adventures’ Launches Major Multimedia, Global-Spanning Trip Series at Mile-Marker Zero in Key West

KEY WEST, Fla., March 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Off the Road Adventures (OTRA – announced its official launch in a multimedia event scheduled to begin on March 13 in Key West. OTRA is a father/son team – Keith Anderson, 48; John Anderson, 9 – co-creating their own Travel Vlog and adventure company with an exciting goal of one million miles together for a far-ranging adventure series. Each trip will be recorded by professional videographer Cassy Grace, using a mix of handheld devices, drones, traditional equipment and GoPros, before uploaded as a professionally edited and voiced-over episode. OTRA also maintains a dynamic website and social media presence to give fans exclusive up-to-the-minute, follow-along access to Keith and John’s epic journey of discovery.

When asked about the idea behind OTRA’s inaugural adventure, Keith said:

“We’re starting at Mile Marker Zero because it’s incredibly symbolic of what John and I are doing together. Although we’ve put a lot of planning and forethought into OTRA, this is a whole new chapter in our lives, and we wanted to commemorate that. The idea evolved from weekends that we spent together, playing in the park, riding skate boards, mountain biking and motorcycling. Initially I was just a spectator, but John’s energy is so boundless, and he has endless curiosity. So I had to join in the fun. He’s also firmly embedded in digital culture, like most kids his age, and is obsessed with his favorite content-creators – so he wanted to become one. His favorite idols right now are YouTube stars like Ken Block, Ben Johnson, and topics like Air Photography.”

Discussing his son John, Keith said:

“John was born and raised in Denver, where I worked as a professional landscape architect. In many ways he’s a typical kid – he loves math, science, art classes, drawing, puzzles, and going outside to explore dirt, snow, mud, and sunshine. But he’s the family trailblazer too. Whether it’s fishing, riding motorcycles, or taking his prized Polaris RZR 170 out – he’s always at the head of the pack. That’s basically how OTRA was born. I wanted a way to constantly connect with my son – keep up with his interests – and create a company that others could find value in as well.”

When asked about future directions for OTRA, Keith remarked:

“Well, our adventures have really allowed me and John to spend quality time together, visit new places and meet new people. It’s already strengthened our father-son bond. But OTRA is ultimately about transforming our dynamic duo into a larger community – bringing adventures and experiences to a much larger audience. We want to provide ideas, locations, tips, tricks, likes, dislikes, and opinions about a variety of sports, activities, and adventures. We want our fans – all kinds of family units – to explore the world with us. We’re really hoping that OTRA becomes interactive. We don’t just want people watching – we want them to participate as part of a community.”

To view the full itinerary of Episode One, or to learn more about OTRA and upcoming episodes in the series, follow John and Keith via social media:


Instagram: offtheroad_adventures

Media Contacts:

Keith Anderson, Founder
John Anderson, CFO (Chief Fun Officer)

Keith ph: (303) 515-0820
John ph: (720) 315-1783


Cassy Grace, Videographer
(714) 326-8147

SOURCE Off the Road Adventures

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