The Last Payment Platform You Will Ever Need – Consolidate and Customize All Credit and Debit Cards, Along with Unifying Available Balances, Points and Rewards Programs, Into Single Easy-to-Use Secure Access Card and App: Passport – Feel the Power!

TAMPA, Fla., Oct. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Passport announced the introduction of the first customizable payment service application tool which will allow users to select credit card features, styles, manage their available balances, points, discounts, and rewards, and set user capabilities – all using a revolutionary split-payment technology. And all from one platform! Passport brings the flexibility of multiple cards into one place while also allowing families and/or business to share, maintain, and monitor the same line of credit. Passport combines the simplicity of a debit card with the rewards of a credit card. And with end-to-end AES 256-byte encryption, users can be assured of security.

Gone are the days where a consumer could only rely on what the banking and finance industry offered! Today, Passport gives the power of choice to the consumer! Passport provides its users with the ability to modify his/her card and/or app to their personal buying requirements. Passport realized that no two consumers have the same purchasing needs. A schoolteacher’s needs are different from a businessperson’s needs; a college student’s needs are different from a caregiver need’s, etc. Passports allows each consumer to modify their credit card app service capabilities to the user’s purchasing desires. “Passport allows users to add multiple payment credit/debit accounts to a user profile with the capability of assigning payment rules for future purchase transactions,” said Dave Wofford, Founder and CEO of Passport. “This is a unique approach to making payments, creating the ability to maximize credit card rewards and to manage ‘smarter’ spending more effectively. Basically, consumers can also choose to leave the decision up to Passport. Passport will rely on its predictive analysis-based algorithms, machine learning technology to automatically or manually assist the user to make informed purchasing decisions.”

Passport will allow for automatic selection across a single card, or multiple cards, for different types of transactions. This method takes into consideration available balances, discounts, points, and rewards and determines other key factors best suited for a specific transaction based on the user’s assigned preferences within areas of travel, school, medical, entertainment, dinning, lodging, and bill paying.

“We felt that there had to be an easier and more convenient way for the everyday consumer to manage and use their purchasing power,” said Wofford. “And our tech experts wanted to empower consumers with the ability to use one universal product aimed at helping them boost that purchasing power. This solution had to include the use of funds and financial benefits already available to the consumer, state-of-the-art technology for more convenience and access, and adherence to the highest financial security standards in the industry. That is Passport.”

With Passport’s split-payment technology, consumers will have greater freedom to choose what type of credit card or debit card they would like to use. Customers will no longer have to select between cards or decide which card is best to use when maximizing points, rewards, or discounts – or guess if they have enough funds to cover a purchase!

Passport is pre-programmed by each user who selects which card or cards are best to use in each transaction. Users can have access to multiple credit balances at once, auto-budget expenses, track multiple and individual card spending, transfer funds between cards, increase/decrease spending line, or maximize rewards, points, and discounts instantly. Passport users also will be able to choose to use a Passport virtual card, ghost card, plastic card, online card, or all of the above. Best of all, any debit, checking account, or credit card can be used in the process.

“Passport can split the amount of payments up so that you can more easily cover bills and receive credit from not just one, but multiple cards instantly,” said Wofford. “By simultaneously accessing multiple cards, your spending amount will instantly increase by combining your existing, available balances. The amounts pulled are based on the percentage or amount you pre-authorize on Passport. Users will also have the ability to track purchase activity on all accounts, be notified of current balances, and be alerted of any unknown transaction requests.”

Merchants can also earn revenue through Passport’s Co-Branding Team Program. This extra co-branding revenue can be used to offset a portion of the merchant’s current interchange fees when a card is processed in their stores or online. This is the first time that a consumer can actually customize his or her credit card features and capabilities to meet their personal, family or business needs.

Passport is the first customizable, financial management, service tool designed for credit and debits cards usage. It is to note that, Passport Worldwide Inc is unlike a typical young, startup FinTech. Passport is a highly diversified company with the majority of its men and women being retired military veterans of past wars and corporate leaders with years of commercial experiences. 

There are so many ways to spend and save with Passport. Learn more by visiting Passport online to request info or sign up for notifications about the Passport app.

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