The Skinny On… Announces Relaunch

TOWACO, N.J., Jan. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Skinny Guide, Inc. is pleased to announce its 2022 relaunch, after having suspended activities early 2020 due to Covid. 

"We’re back and better than ever," states creator Gail Leicht

"The Skinny on…" — is a series of compact, concise, discriminating city guide books — helping customers travel more efficiently since 2005. 

The New York City, Chicago, and Boston guides have all been updated and reflect what’s current post-Covid.  San Francisco updates are underway.  The company has also launched a brand new website, which, just like the guidebooks themselves, features a slick aesthetic and only-what’s-essential content — none of that typical extraneous fluff. 

See below for some great travel article ideas — you are welcome to them! 

Unlike traditional guide books, which tend to tell you everything there is to know about everything there is to do, "The Skinny on…" focuses more on making suggestions and helping visitors prioritize what’s most important when trying to get to know the essence of a city.  The series has been endorsed by Jill Martin of the Today show, Smart Meetings magazine, Meetings & Convention magazine, and is an AirBnb host favorite.  Guides are sold direct from the website, bookstores, hotels, airports, and at select Walgreen’s locations.

"Don’t be fooled by its small size and great price," says its founder.  "Just as much research, if not more, goes into each guide, as we help pare down information to the best of the best."  Just as the tagline says, it’s "Like Having a Best Friend in Town To Show You Around." 

For more information or to request a hard copy sample…

Some article ideas

  • Give a bunch of LOCALS a handful of different city guide books (AirBNB hosts?) and ask them to rate them in different categories: Best food recommendations, most efficient, best overall, etc.
  • How to choose the right guide book for *YOUR* style of travel.
  • Tourist sites the locals want you to take OFF your itinerary (Fisherman’s Wharf, Navy Pier, Empire State Building, etc.)
  • Some "replacement" touring recommendations: Instead of Ellis Island — how about The Tenement Museum. Instead of Times Square, visit Greenwich Village. Instead of Pike’s Place, don’t miss Ballard District.
  • "The Skinny on…" compact concise guide book as a "smart find" (simplifier)

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