Underground Donut Tour Adds Tours in Spanish Across Multiple Cities

The World’s Best Donut Tour is launching tours in Spanish

CHICAGO, March 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, the Underground Donut Tour, the World’s Best Donut Tour, is branching out and adding tours in Spanish across 8 of our 17 locations. The Underground Donut Tour has been running for 7 years across the US, Canada, UK and Ireland, including Chicago, Philadelphia, New York City, Portland, Seattle, Boston, Nashville, Miami, New Orleans, Washington DC, London, and Dublin. Hosting thousands of guests from around the world and showcasing the best donuts each city has to offer. We’re now adding Spanish tours in Chicago, New York (Chelsea, Times Square, Brooklyn), Portland, Toronto, Las Vegas, and Vancouver.

“Over the last few years, we’ve branched out from one city to multiple cities, and then to multiple countries. Today, we’re adding multiple languages to our roster as well. The Underground Donut Tour prides itself on being as inclusive as possible and this is another way for us to share our love of donuts with our guests, in their native language. Our long-term plan is to continue to add more languages depending on the demand from our guests. We’ve had several requests recently for tours in German, Danish, French, and Japanese, so we’re always willing to consider additional options as well,” said Jeff Woelker, founder of the Underground Donut Tour.

What Can Customers Expect
Walking between 4 of the most interesting donut shops in each city – we share the history of each location, along with many local sights, sounds, and tastes of the area. All of our tours take typically take place in the central district of each city and highlight the best donuts, donut shops, and the surrounding history and culture of each city center. This time, the tour will take place in Spanish.

“Quite often, our guests speak multiple languages and this will allow them to choose the preferred language and tour that’s best for them,” said Jenny Saldana, booking manager for the Underground Donut Tour.

When Do Tours Run
Tours in Spanish started February 27th and run year-round. Make sure to check the Underground Donut Tour website to see which cities currently have tours in Spanish as we’ll be adding more days, times and languages in the future.

How Can Customers Book Tickets

Tickets can be booked at www.undergrounddonuttour.com today.

For more information, please contact:

Jeff Woelker



For more information on the tour:

Visit: www.undergrounddonuttour.com

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