Underground Donut Tour Wants You to Vote for America’s Greatest Donuts

America’s Donut Tour is looking for America’s Greatest Donuts

CHICAGO, April 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, the Underground Donut Tour, America’s Donut Tour, is starting the next phase in their search for America’s Greatest Donuts and Donut Shops. Previously, the Underground Donut Tour launched a contest to find America’s Greatest Donuts and over 300 nominees were submitted. Out of those, the Underground Donut Tour has cleaned and compiled them into a list of 160 amazing donuts and donut shops for anyone to vote on. Starting today, April 26th, anyone can vote on these finalists in our America’s Greatest Donuts Contest (https://www.greatestdonuts.com/). Voting will stay open until May 17th, at which point, the votes will be tallied and winners will be announced on May 24th.

America’s Greatest Donuts Finalists
Below is a partial list of all the shops and their respective donuts that were nominated, and which can be voted on at https://www.greatestdonuts.com/.

Donut Shop Name (Donut)
Amy’s Donuts (Nutella Crumb)
Annie’s Donuts (Apple Fritter)
Beacon Donuts (Blueberry Pancake)
Blackbird Doughnuts (Triple Chocolate)
Bova’s Bakery (Boston Cream Donut)
Brandon’s Donuts (Strawberry Shortcake)
Buckeye Donuts (Apple Fritter)
Café Du Monde (Beignet)
Chris’ Bakery (Cheesecake Filled Donut Sandwich)
Country Donuts (Cider N Spice)
Curiosity Doughnuts (Cinnamon Cider Sticks)
D’Andrews Bakery (The D’Onut)
Daily Provisions (Their Maple Gazed Cruller)
DeAngelis Donuts (French Chocolate)
Detour Doughnuts (Cookies N Cream)
Deviant Donuts (Coconut Cream Pie)
DG Doughnuts (Apple Fritter)
Diablo Doughnuts (Captain Chesapeake)
Dimples (Apple Fritter)
District Donuts (Bananas Foster)
Do-Rite Donuts (Apple Fritter)
Doe Donuts (Portland Fog)
Donut Connection (Boston Creme)
Donut Palace (Lavender)
Donut Pub (Cruller)
Donut Savant (Boston Creme)
Donutgram (Horchata Donut)
Donutland (Cherry Chocolate Chip)
Dough (Hibiscus)
Doughj’s Chicken And Donuts (Banana Pudding)
Doughnut Plant (Gingerbread Cake Doughnut)
Doughnuttery (Paris Time: Lavender Vanilla Pistachio)
Duck Donuts (Bacon In The Sun)
Eighty8 Donuts (Hand Dipped Lemon Donut)
Elder & Oat (Double Chocolate)
Empire Donuts (Earl Grey Vanilla)
Every Day Is A Donut Day (Maple Bar)
Fan Fan Doughnuts (Chocolate)
Five Daughters Bakery (100 Layer Vanilla Cream)
Frangelli’s Bakery & Donuts (Salted Caramel)
And Many More!

How does the contest work?
Finalists are now up for voting, which takes place between April 26th and May 17th. Once voting is completed, we’ll tally the results and announce America’s Greatest Donut Winners on May 24th, just a few short weeks ahead of National Donut Day on June 3rd. Each winning shop will receive an award and the ability to tout that they have some of America’s Greatest Donuts. The prizes don’t end there though. The one shop that receives the most overall votes will receive a $500 prize and recognition as America’s Greatest Donut: Fan Favorite. And lastly, we’ll be picking 5 lucky winners across America to come and attend the Underground Donut Tour for free in any city we operate in.

About the Underground Donut Tour
The Underground Donut Tour started in Chicago in 2015 as a passion project and has since grown to 9 cities in the US including Chicago, Philadelphia, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Boston, Nashville, New Orleans, Portland, and Seattle. The tour itself is a roughly 2 hour, 2 mile walking tour showcasing some of the top donut shops in each city. In most cities, tickets are $40 for adults and $25 for kids which includes all the donut samples you can eat, a beverage of your choice, and an amazing guided tour around each city. If you’re interested in booking a tour, please visit: www.undergrounddonuttour.com today.

For more information, please contact:

Jeff Woelker



For more information on the tour:

Visit: www.greatestdonuts.com

For more information on the tour:

Visit: www.undergrounddonuttour.com

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