Upgraded Points Survey Explores 2023 Remote Work Habits: What Are We Really Doing on The Clock?

AUSTIN, Texas, April 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Upgraded Points recently surveyed over 1,000 remote workers to find out exactly what they are doing on the clock. Whether it’s balancing budgets or just taking a mid-afternoon nap, the habits of remote workers can be quite surprising. 1 in 7 Americans (12.8%) admit they only work for about 3 to 4 hours on average each day when working remotely.

“It takes just five minutes exploring the habits of remote workers to understand why folks are ditching their office jobs,” said Alex Miller, Upgraded Points founder. “Working from home has so many benefits and as long as you’re getting the job done before you clock out, who are we to judge? But most workers actually report being more productive than if they were stuck in an office all day.”

Study Methodology

Upgraded Points surveyed over 1,000 Americans over the course of a week in February. The workers were screened across a variety of demographics and industries, with questions ranging from work habits during remote working hours to productivity issues, travel plans, overall attitudes toward their jobs, and much more.

Remote Work Habits – Most Common Activities

Workers may be swapping their Monday workload for errands, and hopping online on the weekends instead. 3 in 5 respondents (64.7%) say they have worked later in the day, and during off hours, to catch up on work that was not completed earlier due to non-work activities.

Scrolling through social media is the top activity remote workers are doing on the clock, while others work on household chores (71.6%), or shop online (69.6%). Other “non-work” activities include naps, moving the mouse around on their computer to simulate job activity, and visiting friends and family. 

Nearly 2 in 5 current remote workers (39.0%) say they would never work a fully in-person job again. Millennials (41.1%) were most likely to share this sentiment but younger people aren’t willing to forgo the office completely: This number dropped to just 29% for Gen Zs.

Where Are Americans Working Remotely From?

Most remote workers are better able to balance their personal and professional lives – some being able to do this while traveling nonetheless. 

While 98.5% of Americans say they mainly work remotely from home, others frequent coffee shops (13.7%), hotels/rentals (12.3%) and a friend’s house (12.4%). 

3 in 10 Americans say they plan to travel while working remotely this summer and those in the entertainment, information technology, and education industries are the most likely to travel while working remotely.

The Benefits of Working Remotely 

The list of reasons why workers prefer to work remotely continues to grow. From control over their work environment to customizing their workspace and increasing focus, the benefit of remote work provides many advantages: 

Productivity – 55.2% of men feel more productive working from home while 62.5% of women report the same.

Flexibility – 6 in 10 Americans say they have worked later in the day during off hours to catch up on work they didn’t do earlier due to non-work activities. 

Freedom – 1 in 4 full-time remote workers are only putting in 5-6 hours a day. However, millennials (53.5%) and Gen Xers (57.6%) are more likely to work a full 8-hour day or longer.

To view the full survey findings, including Americans’ feelings on remote work, please visit the study HERE

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