Upgraded Points Unveils the Most Kid-Friendly U.S. Airports in Comprehensive Study

AUSTIN, Texas, June 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Upgraded Points, a leading provider of travel information and resources, has released a comprehensive guide detailing the most kid-friendly airports in the United States. The study analyzed a range of factors that affect travel with children, like family restrooms, play areas, average wait times, WiFi speeds, and more. Additionally, 800 parents were surveyed about their biggest travel woes and most important amenities for family travel.

“Traveling with children can be an exciting adventure for the whole family, but it also presents unique challenges,” says Alex Miller, Founder of Upgraded Points. “A trip to the airport can be dampened by issues like finding a family restroom or not having WiFi for your kid’s devices.”

Analysis Methodology

To discover which airports are the best and worst for families traveling with kids, the study scored the 45 busiest U.S. airports across 15 ranking factors deemed most vital to smooth family travel.

The researchers collected information about features like play areas, nursing rooms, and Wi-Fi speeds at each airport. These factors were weighted according to kid-friendly travel importance. Each airport was given a score out of 100 to create the final ranking.

To gain more insight, they surveyed over 800 parents to learn about their experiences when traveling with kids, like which airport amenities matter most to them when it comes to family travel. Insights gathered from these responses were used to determine the factor weights in the ranking.

Kid-friendly travel is best at LAX—Florida airports fall behind

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is ranked the best U.S. airport for kid-friendly travel, offering three lounges with family rooms and a kids’ play area. California shined in the study with three airports in the top 10.

In addition to LAX, LaGuardia Airport ranked No. two for kid-friendly travel, boasting over two nursing rooms per mile and the most accessible family-friendly restrooms. Boston’s Logan was the third-best in the study.

Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) ranked lowest among airports analyzed, missing essential family amenities and offering slower Wi-Fi speeds. Denver International was also among the worst for family-friendly travel, lacking play areas and family restrooms.

Despite being a hub for family vacations, Florida airports fell behind. Orlando and Tampa International also ranked in the 10 worst for family travel.

With the lowest on-time flight percentage in the study at 60%, Chicago Midway ranked third-worst in the study. A high passenger density and a lack of kid-friendly entertainment options are also challenges at this airport.

Traveling With Children: Insights From 800 Parents

A whopping 49% of parents describe traveling with their kids as an overwhelming experience, highlighting the need for airports to prioritize family-friendly facilities and services.

Access to fast Wi-Fi and charging stations are the most important airport amenities for parents traveling with children, with 78% sharing this sentiment. Additionally, 56% of parents say lounges with family rooms are important when traveling with kids. Just 37% of parents say having plenty of play areas in an airport is essential when traveling with kids.

34% of parents have slightly reduced their travel frequency since becoming parents, and 25% travel much less. Despite this, nine in 10 parents consider their children to be “good” flyers.

To view the findings in detail, including an interactive map and ranking table, please visit the full study HERE.

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