ViaHero Offers Inflation Busting Travel Solutions for 2023

Money Saving Strategies and Key Destinations from Leading Travel Planning Service

BEACON, N.Y., Oct. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With travel forecast reports predicting a continued rise in costs into 2023, travelers will have to be more judicious with how they spend their vacation budgets.  

Greg Buzulencia, CEO of ViaHero, a leading travel planning service that connects travelers with locals in 22 destinations, is an industry expert with years of experience planning value-minded trips to destinations around the world. Buzulencia offers some smart strategies to help travelers keep inflation in check and make their next trip both affordable and enjoyable.

“One way to stretch travel dollars is to choose a destination where the dollar is strong. Cuba, Mexico, and South America are great values right now, and ViaHero has seen an increase in bookings in these regions, where the U.S. dollar goes further than places like Europe,” says Buzulencia.

“Cuba is a great destination for 2023, because it’s become easier to travel there. American has announced daily flights from Miami to five new destinations: Santa Clara, Varadero, Holguin, Camaguey, and Santiago de Cuba. These are in addition to the current daily flights that airlines already operate.”

Another tip from Buzulencia is to be strategic when booking airfare to ensure the best prices. The Google Flights team analyzed five years’ worth of flight data to provide consumers with insights on how to book the cheapest flights. For one, It’s 12% cheaper to fly on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, and that number jumps to 20% cheaper when booking domestic flights. As for when to book, prices appear to bottom out about 44 days before departure dates. And, adding a layover can save up to 20%. One common myth busted: booking flights on a Tuesday doesn’t save money.

As for booking hotels, Buzulencia suggests doing some research to help decide which destination is least affected by inflation. According to a recent study by Amex GBT, hotel prices will jump across the board by up to 30% next year. The highest jump? Buenos Aires. Lowest? Try Amsterdam or England.

Many travelers either book their own trips or use a traditional travel agent. Instead, using a travel planning service such as ViaHero can help save money in the long run. ViaHero connects travelers directly with locals at destinations around the world. These local “Heroes” then create customized guidebooks based on personal preferences and travel styles. Using ViaHero is a win-win for both traveler and locals. Travelers get to experience a unique side of a destination and travel independently, while saving time and money in the planning process.  Heroes can also assist in saving travelers money by recommending inexpensive or even free activities. They also know where to get the best food and hotels, for the best value.

ViaHero charges $40 for each day of an itinerary. This modest fee can save travelers an average of 18 hours of planning and up to $345 per trip.

Another tip is to travel during shoulder or off season. Places like Central America have great deals in the “rainy season,” typically mid-November to May, but this doesn’t mean rain every day. As a bonus, travelers will experience fewer crowds and lusher, greener landscapes.

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ViaHero is reinventing travel in an ever-changing world. Its unique business model makes safe travel planning easy by connecting travelers directly with locals at destinations around the world. These local Heroes create customized guidebooks that provide unique travel experiences based on personal preferences and travel styles. 

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