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LONDON, Feb. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — is one of Europe’s most renowned and trusted tourist websites. They have been in operation for many years and have earned the reputation of dependable, top tier access to information about attractions, especially in Italy. As such, it was deemed such an extensive honor when they decided to feature Naples Underground on their website as one of the premier archaeological sites to visit in Europe.

This unique archaeological marvel ”Napoli Sotterranea” is literally translated “Naples Underground” and is believed to cover an area of 2,000,000m2 and is from 20 to 40 meters deep. The use of the underground caverns started almost 5000 years ago, before which they were used as burial tombs in prehistoric times. Later, ancient Greeks began excavating blocks of volcanic material – now known as Neapolitan yellow tuff, formed between 35,000 – 10,500 years ago as a result of the volcanic activity.

This underground city then went through many revolutions in accordance with the course of history. First the yellow tuff was used to build the walls and temples of the city. In the Augustan period ancient Romans developed an underground aqueduct network, that provided the city with good drinkable water. Then, leading all the way up to the Second World War in which Naples was the most bombed city in Italy, but accounted for the least number of deaths in the country. Responsible for this is their ingenious use of the underground as a bombing shelter and at times even served as housing for neapolitans, shortly thereafter the war.

After the Second World War, with the strike of tragedy, the city turned into quite the sore thumb. With overpopulation taking over the above-ground city, Neapolitans began throwing their waste into the underground tunnels.

Today, well into 30 and more years of its existence, this archaeological marvel “Napoli Sotterranea” run by speleologist Vincenzo Albertini, is inviting tourists from other parts of Italy and around the world to learn the history of Naples, dating as far back as 2400 years ago. Located in the heart of Naples, just near the ancient main square, this city of Naples Underground reflects the character of a true Neapolitan: spiritual, engaging, alive and innovative. maintains that Naples Underground (Napoli Sotterranea) will transport anyone back in time, to the history and monumental moments that shaped the character of the city that we now know today as Naples. They also suggest that this site has become one of the most insightful adventures into learning about the people and culture of the Neapolitans.

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