Vodka Made from Famous Italian Wheat Debuts at Como Lake Cocktail Week

COMO, Italy, June 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Altamura Distilleries, a new company making spirits from the famous Altamura Wheat, is a major sponsor of the 2022 Como Lake Cocktail Week in Como Italy.

Como Lake Cocktail Week is a magical event in Como city and on the Lake. It celebrates the Art of Mixology and Gourmet Food Pairing. A week full of events, tastings, and an Altamura Distilleries sponsored Master Class. More than 30 cocktail bars, restaurants and luxury hotels in the ancient city overlooking Lake Como will participate.

As part of the opening festivities, Altamura will be serving a unique cocktail inspired by the flavors of Puglia created by Leo Georgini, the renowned mixologist of the Paragon 700 Hotel in Ostuni, who will be joining us in Como for the event.

On Thursday, June 30, Como Lake Cocktail Week and Altamura will host a masterclass led by Stefano Aiesi founder of LOM Dopolavoro, for a sensory journey into the flavors of Puglia, the home of the new premium vodka that comes from the unique and storied wheat of Altamura. Bartenders and vodka lovers are invited to attend. Reservations recommended:

"We are thrilled to be part of this wonderful celebration. We are most proud to be offering our unique Italian vodka that will be a special part of so many creative and delicious cocktails," said Frank Grillo, managing director of Altamura Distilleries.

"Our goal is to represent the terroir of Altamura, so our vodka is specifically distilled to express the unique character Altamura wheat. The result is a vodka with a hint of sweetness and earthiness with a bit of a creamy mouthfeel the Italians call morbida," he continued.

"Later this year, we will introduce two varieties of gin. A classic London Dry Gin, and one with unique local botanicals that will give it a flavor profile that plays harmoniously with Campari and vermouth to make a perfect Negroni," commented Carlos Calix, the company’s Head Distiller, "We look forward to sharing those at next year’s Cocktail Week alongside our vodka."

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Based in Ostuni BR, Italy, Altamura Distilleries is what can happen when three Americans decide to act on their lifelong dream of moving to Italy, it’s amazing what can happen. Our love of warm weather, beaches, and life led us to Puglia, a special region in the south of Italy. Our love of food led us to discover Pane di Altamura, a traditional bread from the Puglia region. And our love of all things distilled led us to realize that an amazing loaf of bread is just an amazing bottle of vodka, gin, or whiskey waiting to happen. We believe that our origin is in Puglia and we are there to live our dream. For more information visit

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