Wilmington, Delaware Relaunches and Reinforces “It’s Time” Campaign

WILMINGTON, Del., Sept. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — For the past two years, It’s Time – a dedicated campaign promoting the endless offerings, pride and diverse people of Wilmington – has showcased the best of this progressive city. With the toll of COVID-19 impacting the local economy – specifically the small business and hospitality sectors – the It’s Time council is relaunching this crucial campaign to jumpstart the economy. The call to action is clear – IT’S TIME Wilmington is OPEN for business.

Wilmington, Delaware’s largest city, feeds off the energy and connections of good people, the economic impact of entrepreneurial businesses and the potential of what’s next. The city, with its prime Northeast location, is open to new experiences, believes in continuous learning from others and celebrates diversity and change. 

“Reintroducing It’s Time is fundamental to who we are as a city which is comprised of wonderfully interesting people with equally interesting stories to tell,” said Wilmington Mayor Mike Purzycki. “The It’s Time campaign is how we share our City’s progressive profile with our own residents as well as with the nation and the world. And, even though we are coping with a pandemic that has changed life for most of us, we still need to infuse our local small businesses, hospitality, retailers, and restaurants with compassion, care and support because Wilmington is OPEN for business. While we continue to take extensive public health precautions to stay ahead of the pandemic, let’s safely enjoy the City for all it has to offer, because we will get through this and be stronger when it’s over.”

Kicking off today, It’s Time relaunches in an environment ripe and ready for virtual and digital distribution:

  • Neighborhood Campaigns run by It’s Time campaign personality and local ambassadors. These begin in the Riverfront district with first socially-distanced community event taking place at Constitution Yards October 10 at 1:00pm.  

The second introduction of the campaign remains true to the original platform, offering an outlet to tell the powerful stories of Wilmington’s diverse people, places and happenings. Simultaneously, the revitalized campaign celebrates what’s new and how the city has adapted and is committed to making a difference.

“Watching our resilient, diverse community navigate this global crisis has demonstrated what’s best about our city,” says Ben Cordova, operator of I.M. Coffee, a local craft coffee shop located in the base of the iconic I.M. Pei building in downtown Wilmington. “We have remained open since the onset of the pandemic in March and the local response has been overwhelmingly grateful. Now it’s time to share this pride and passion beyond our diverse community, showcasing nationally what Wilmington, Delaware has to offer. We hope you will support this vital cause. Wilmington welcomes everyone to join us.” 

The campaign is funded by the private sector, managed by Tapp Network. 

www.Wilmington.Love; www.WilmToday.com; It’s Time YouTube 

Media Contact:
Katie Zamarra


SOURCE Wilmington It’s Time