‘Wonderland’ Showcases Larger-Than-Life World of Whimsy, Introspection at Tuacahn Amphitheatre

IVINS, Utah, July 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Throughout his career, Frank Wildhorn has built a good portion of his success by taking popular stories and making them even more compelling using his signature style of music, a modern twist, and a fresh perspective — all found in a new look at the familiar story of "Alice in Wonderland" in a musical (with music by Wildhorn and lyrics by Jack Murphy) known as Wonderland.

Based on the writings of Lewis Carroll, this contemporary version of "Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass", a modern-day Alice with a precocious 11-year-old daughter living in New York City. Alice is fighting to find her inner child amid the cynical New York City lifestyle.

Pushed to her limits by the demands of motherhood, a failing marriage and an intense work environment, Alice’s connection to reality is skewed when, in a dream, she aligns herself with the title character from Alice in Wonderland and works through a variety of obstacles including a Cheshire Cat with a Latin flair, the delightfully dotty Queen of Hearts and the malicious Mad Hatter.

"It’s a no-brainer fit for the Tuacahn audience," Wildhorn said. "It has a lot of hit songs; it’s very family friendly. It had a twinkle in its eye and a wonderful humor," he said.

"You can tell from the glee in the actors’ faces and the attention they put into the material how much they’re enjoying it," Gabriel Barre, Director and Co-Author says.

One such cast member is Lexie Dorsett Sharp, tackling the iconic role of the Queen of Hearts.

Torn between her excitement at being part of a new concept of Wonderland and her amazement at the beautiful surroundings of Tuacahn, Sharp is reveling in the entire process.

"I’m sure the red rocks are old hat for people who live here, but it’s absolutely stunning," Sharp said. "Coming from New York City to here, it’s eye opening and beautiful."

Sharp said she loves that her character is "over the top" and can’t wait to share the music, like her song, "Off With Their Heads," with audiences.

"I’ve had a lot of freedom to find the role, which gives a great sense of ownership," Sharp said. "She’s very absurd in a lot of ways, but it’s all in great fun."

Likewise, Barre said part of his enjoyment in the process with Wonderland at Tuacahn is the depth and breadth of imagination it allows.

"Theater is really an opportunity that demands the use of imagination," Barre said. "The audience’s imagination is a key ingredient and we’re using that to take the audience on a journey."

This journey is taking place now through Oct. 21 alongside Disney & Cameron Mackintosh’s Mary Poppins, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story. For details and tickets log onto TUACAHN.ORG or call the box office at 435-652-3300. 

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